The Exclusiveness of Bangkok Cuisine

Thailand is a very small country, but the cuisine of this country is spectacularly diverse. The dishes here keep changing in flavor and form every time they cross provincial borders. The largest city in Thailand is Bangkok and it serves as the melting pot for food and people. The city is no exception to the diversity found in the cuisine of Thailand. Bangkok cuisine is quite distinct and is therefore liked by people throughout the world. Residents of Bangkok love sweet flavors.

Major Influences on Bangkok Cuisine

The immigrants of the southern part of China have long been influencing the cuisine of Bangkok. The Chinese vendors and laborers were the ones who introduced wok and different varieties of noodles to Bangkok. Meat dishes became popular in Bangkok because of the Muslims visiting the city during the 14th century. They were the Muslims who brought dried-spice-based and meat cuisine to Bangkok. The royal court also had a significant influence on Bangkok cuisine. Due to this, the dishes of Bangkok boast of great refinement and sophistication.

Preparing Different Dishes in Bangkok


Cooking in Bangkok places great emphasis on dishes that are prepared lightly but feature a very spicy edge and some strong aromatic elements. Food in Bangkok demonstrates attention to details, intricacy, taste, color, and texture. Bangkok lies near the sea and therefore the cuisine here is also abundant in seafood.


Different ingredients are used for preparing food that is good in its flavor and offers large scale medicinal benefits. Proper care is also taken in offering food the right smell, context, and appearance.Many dishes found in Bangkok include pork, freshwater fish, palm sugar and coconut milk.