Our Choice of Coffee Brands

Since we are located in the USA, we understand a lot of our customers want the option of having a cup of coffee or cappuccino either during their dinner, or afterwards. That’s why we went and tested 7 of the best coffee beans we could find in order to serve you the very best. Below are the beans we tested and chose to offer to you using our brand new cappuccino maker.

What is Light Roast Coffee?

The common belief is that light roast coffee has lower amounts of caffeine, which is not always the case. In truth, the level of roasting is not an ideal method to determine whether you are getting a high-caffeine kick out of the coffee. Distinction is really in the taste as light roast beans make the unique characteristic of the bean itself become more obvious. On the other hand, dark roasting burns the coffee bean completely so that the unique characteristic of the bean is often obliterated.

Here are some of the most popular light roasted coffee beans that we have decided to serve in our restaurant and are available in the market today:

1. White Knight Light Roast OFT, Whole bean coffee, Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC. (2 lb.)

white knight coffeeMade from the freshest coffee beans possible, the White Knight Light Roast knows exactly what the word ‘light roast’ means.

While others offer dark brown coffee beans as ‘light roast’, the White Knight stays true to the distinction by keeping their beans a muddy brown, which is the true description of lightly roasted coffee beans.

As a result, you are getting all the flavor and caffeine of typical coffee, but with that distinctive hint of the unique strain of the bean itself.

Roasted as soon as they are ready and packaged soon afterward, the White Knight prides itself on quality and freshness, sealing in the flavor and the aroma for that satisfying whiff of coffee.

2. Tiny Footprint Coffee Organic Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee, 3-Pound Bag

Tiny Footprint CoffeeThis 3-pound bag contains 100% Arabica coffee, further compounded by its organic origins.

Lightly roasted in a drum roaster retrofitted to deliver even burning, this particular product is cooked just enough to bring out the rich flavor inherent in the bean.

You can trace distinct flavors of orange, lemon and even cocoa for that smooth drink and amazing smell.

The organic origins of this coffee guarantee you will enjoy a cup in the morning that’s been grown in the most traditional way possible.

Not only that, the management of Tiny Footprint Crustastun also actually donates a portion of their profit to fund restoration projects in the Ecuador cloud forest!

3. Tiny Footprint Coffee Organic Light Roast Ground Coffee, 16-Ounce Bags (Pack of 2)

Tiny Footprint CoffeesDone in beautiful packaging, this Tiny Footprint coffee is essentially the same as with the 3-pound bag.

If you are trying out Tiny Footprint for the first time, this would be an ideal purchase, allowing you to evaluate the product before ordering it in larger numbers.

Equally organic, they’re evenly roasted in a drum roaster and contain hints of orange and lemon.

Note that they are pre-ground so all you have to do is load them up in the coffee maker.

Those who bought the product note the lack of bitter aftertaste, hitting that perfect roasted flavor without that burnt feeling, which usually comes with dark roast.

4. Melitta Fair Trade Organic Coffee, Morning Bliss Ground, Light Roast, 10 ounce

Melitta Fair Trade Organic CoffeeThis Melitta Fair Trade Organic coffee is advertised to be the flavor of Europe in a cup.

However, it is also USDA certified as organic, meets Kosher standards and is Fair Trade Certified so that it can be ordered into practically any country.

Grounded and ready for the coffee maker, its 100 percent Arabica coffee beans lightly roasted to produce that distinct taste you can only find in Europe’s best coffee growing regions.

The taste of wonderful coffee remains even if decaffeinated so pregnant women or those who are nursing can still enjoy the drink even in their condition.

5. Coffee Bean Direct Eyes Wide Open Blend, Whole Bean Coffee, 5-Pound Bag

Coffee Bean DirectThis brand also boasts of an excellent rating in the market, thanks to its freshness and flavor.

The product is categorized as Gourmet Coffee Beans that are slow roasted to achieve a fuller and more flavorful blend.

Thanks to the light roasting, you can trace hints of the unique strain of the coffee beans used.

The roasting and packaging process also guarantees optimal freshness, especially with the 2-ply foil bag, which keeps that flavor tight.

Using a 1-way air valve, you can smell the aroma of the coffee while still keeping the package air tight and the freshness of the coffee maintained.

6. Organic Ground Coffee By LifeBoost – Premium Fair Trade Single Origin Nicaragua Ground Coffee

LifeBoostLight roast coffee makes the origin of the beans more distinctive in the flavor, which is why this Nicaragua ground coffee is highly popular.

You can taste Nicaraguan coffee at its purest form, boasting of a smooth and clean flavor, which is low on acid and bitterness.

They’re hand grown and cultivated so the organic element is there, guaranteeing lack of pesticides that can be harmful to your health.

Accordingly, each batch is tested to ensure quality.

Kosher certified as well as passing the USDA and Fair Trade qualifications, the brand also boasts of a guarantee, which allows for a refund in the event of dissatisfaction.

7. Cafe Don Pablo – Light Roast 2LB Colombian Decaf Water Process Gourmet Coffee Beans

Cafe Don PabloAnother popular choice in the market, this Colombian Coffee is made from only the best coffee beans that plantation has to offer.

Thanks to the light roasting, the natural caramel, citrus and cocoa flavor of the coffee beans easily rise to the surface, giving you a new dimension to the taste of coffee.

They’re also decaffeinated through a water process, thereby stripping the caffeine while leaving the remarkable taste and feel of real coffee.

Perfect for pregnant women or those who are nursing, the beans are roasted in small batches to produce an even cooking process, which allows for optimum taste down to the last bean.


If you’re gunning for light roast coffee, these 7 will be the perfect starting point in finding the one, which best suits you. Readily available, you can order them all online or purchase them straight from us. They also come in different sizes other than those mentioned above. Hence, if you’ve developed a liking for one – you can always order them in bulk and enjoy excellent coffee daily.